5 Best Free Online Survey WordPress Plugins

Customers are indeed one of the crucial parts of your business, without which there is no way your business will grow. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is extremely important and it also means that they will want to come back for more and will also refer your website to their friends. This will grow your business. And to keep your visitors engaged, knowing what they want from you and your website is a crucial matter of concern nowadays. Adding a powerful online survey on your website will definitely help you know more about your visitors and what they expect from you. With online surveys, you can talk directly to your customers, and their most pressing issues and feedback they have to share with us. There are lots of free and premium WordPress plugins that allows you to create and manage comprehensive online surveys right from your website. But, in this article, we will be discussing 5 best free online survey WordPress plugins. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

5 Best Free Online Survey WordPress Plugins 

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and survey master

Quiz and Survey Master is a powerful online survey WordPress plugin to create any kind of surveys. It allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys and quizzes for your website. You can provide custom text for every visible portion of your surveys. The plugin supports several question types including open answer, multiple responses, radio button, true/false, number, captcha, and many more. The plugin also allows you to create separate landing pages for your visitors. So, you don’t have to worry about your website looking messy because of the surveys. There are also many other management options that include allowing your visitors to share the results in social media platforms, requiring the participant to be logged in, limiting the number of entries, enabling the comments for questions, and more.


Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder is a free online survey WordPress plugin. It is a fully featured WordPress plugin for creating a detailed online survey, poll, and interactive quizzes. The plugin allows you to add unlimited texts, image fields, and manage all of your surveys from your dashboard. Your visitors will be able to take part in the surveys by using their social media profiles or choose to remain anonymous. There are separate options to filter the participants by using votes, location, gender, time, and more. The plugin comes with several methods to block repeat voting. The available options include monitoring the IP address, cookie, social profiles, etc.


WordPress Simple Survey


Staying true to its name, WordPress Simple Survey plugin provides a simple way to create and show online surveys on your website. Because of its intelligent design, the participants will not have to load and reload the pages to complete the survey. Your surveys will be fully responsive and work perfectly on all devices. You can choose to get the results in your email address or check these manually on your website. It is also possible to redirect your visitors to different pages based on the survey result.


WordPress Survey & Poll

WordPress survey and poll

WordPress Survey & Poll is a free online survey plugin in WordPress that values and cherishes the feedback coming from your users. With the support of modern web browsers and integrated responsive design, the plugin makes sure that not a single user will be missed when it comes to asking them for their satisfaction with your content, or feedback about possible improvements you could make. You won’t have to struggle with preparing the polls or surveys either, the plugin comes with several crucial customization options as well.




Survey, a free WordPress plugin for online surveys developed by POWr.io team helps in easily collecting information, honest feedback, and grow your email list. You can create mobile-responsive custom surveys that fit perfectly with the design of your website. You will be provided with multitude ways to customize the plugin your way. You can also collect both checkbox and form submission feedback from all WP posts and pages that your visitors visit on your website.




We’ve finally come to the end of today’s article of 5 best free online survey WordPress plugins. A marvelous way to build your website’s popularity is keeping your visitors happy. And online surveys help you find out the requirements and expectations of your visitors. And now that you know which plugins can help you do that, it’s time for you to pick one and get into it.

Which WordPress plugin for online surveys impressed you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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