Post Status WordPress Job Board: A New Way to Find WordPress Jobs

Find WordPress Jobs through Post Status WordPress Job board.

Do you want to work with serious WordPress professionals? Then, the Post Status WordPress Job Board is the best platform for you to find your dream WordPress job.

Anyone seeking job opportunities knows how hard it is to find out the best opportunities, especially at the time when you really need one. Post Status WordPress Job Board is a new platform that went live just earlier this month and provides information about the available WordPress jobs.

The main goal for the Post Status WordPress Job Board is to give advantage to both sides of this equation. Post Status is not a huge website with lots of traffic but the visitors of this website is from a highly targeted audience of primarily WordPress professionals, or web professionals who use WordPress as a primary tool.

The website already has got 20+ jobs and counting. If you want to submit a job, the process is currently only for Post Status members. The team is working to make the website an open source so that anyone can make the right use of it. But for now, you can join the club and submit a job.

If you are interested in jobs, you can subscribe to the free newsletter for a weekly information on new jobs. If you are an employer, you can submit a job to be reviewed for a listing and soon will be able to receive emails about Post Status Club members who list themselves as seeking employment opportunities.

Listings on the website last for 45 days and will be marketed to the Post Status club as well as the free Post Status newsletter, where they’ll send the information of new WordPress jobs available.

All jobs submitted to Post Status go through a review process with the editorial team, where they qualify the employer and position available. After that, the team helps to accurately express the position to the audience, so that both applicant and employer know as much about one another as possible before the interview starts.

The team may create new features for the job seekers in the future to keep a closer eye on the available jobs. But for now, email and listing page are the only places to go.

So basically, Post Status has come up as a hope to every job seeker and every employer looking for a candidate in WordPress community.

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