Everything that Happened at WordCamp Biratnagar 2018: Experience and Review

WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 took place last year on December 22, 2018, at Hotel Asiatique, Airport Rd, in Biratnagar. This was the first ever WordCamp that took place in the second largest city of Nepal.

We, being the official media partner, have been providing you with all the happenings regarding the event. We also attended the event in order to support the community and bring all our readers the event details.

WordPress Biratnagar is one of the thousands of growing WordPress communities. The community has been gradually growing since its inception. And we are very happy that the community organized its first WordCamp in the city that too in an unexpectedly exceptional way.

The organizers were very much able to make the event successful and didn’t give us a chance to feel it was their first WordCamp. Everything was extraordinary and the community for sure was extremely welcoming. The venue, the people, the presentations, everything summed up together making the event a grand success.

If you by any means had missed the event, here is a summary on what went down at WordCamp Biratnagar 2018.

WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

The Venue

Firstly, let’s talk about the venue. WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 took place in one of the popular hotels in Biratnagar – Hotel Asiatique, Airport Rd in Biratnagar. Since the hotel was located near the airport, it was easily accessible. It also had sufficient parking space for our vehicles, which was quite accommodating. It was a grand hotel with two halls for the presentations – Hall Danfe and Hall Laligurans. The halls were perfect for featuring presentations and talks. So, for the first WordCamp, the organizers picked a perfect venue for the event.

The Event

Now, the real talk. The official WordCamp event was full of WordPress and extremely helpful community. The organizers and volunteers of the event were present at the venue way many hours before the attendees started to roll in. They had to make sure everything went perfectly. The registration desk, sponsors’ desks, and swag store were all set and were providing swags for attendees. One of the buzzing things in WCBRT2018 sure was the Bhakka that were provided to the attendees. It’s a special dish from the east. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as we could definitely see numerous tweets and posts about it.

Despite the fact that WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 was happening for the first time, the team introduced a bunch of new concepts at the event like WordPress Museum, Job Fair, Website Giveaway, and more. WCBRT2018 saw massive participation of young and energetic IT students.

The one-day WordPress conference was filled with amazing talks and presentations with unlimited fun and excitement. Many familiar and new faces were also seen during WordCamp Biratnagar 2018.

The Presentations

The speakers’ session sure was one of the powerful and exciting parts of WCBRT2018. The event featured 17 different speaking sessions including the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and a panel discussion.

Hall Danfe accommodated the sessions from the following speakers with their respective topics:

  • Prakash Upreti – Journey Since 2005
  • Bibek Sapkota – WordPress for Entrepreneurs
  • Muhammad Kasif – Art of Project Pricing for Freelancers
  • Regan Khadgi – Make Living through WordPress
  • Saroj Karki – WordPress History in Biratnagar
  • Utsav Singh Rathour – Giving Back to Community
  • Pratima Sharma – The Digital Revolution – What is next?
  • Pithu Singh Thakuri, Sunita Rai, Ganga Kafle – Panel Discussion – Girls in WordPress

Meanwhile, Hall Laligurans featured the sessions from the below speakers:

  • Kamal Sah – Why WordPress is a better choice?
  • Vedanshu Jain – Gutenberg at WordCamp.org
  • Abhishek Rijal – WordPress Automation Tools
  • Liton Arefin – New Era of Plugin development in WordPress
  • Abul Khayer – WordPress Security Fundamentals
  • Fahad Murtaza – WordPress Hooks 101
  • Madan Panthi – Catching with Cloud

Just prior to the closing ceremony, we witnessed a panel discussion featuring Prithu Singh Thakuri, Sunita Rai and Ganga Kafle. They interacted in the topic “Girls in WordPress” where they shared their experience, opportunity and career option for women, and more. The session was quite helpful for girls who’re only joining or are thinking about joining the WordPress field.

The event was then followed by the closing ceremony where all the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, media partners, venue partner and more were provided with “Token of Appreciation”.

The Interviews

Since we were the official media partner of WordCamp Biratnagar 2018, we also interviewed many speakers of the event. For your convenience, we have enlisted the interviews that we took:

The After-Party

The after-party was held at Purple Haze, Airport Rd in Biratnagar. The after party gave everyone an excellent chance to network with one another after the WordCamp. So, all in all, WordCamp Biratnagar was a great success with hundreds of influential WordPress personas.


In conclusion, we must say that the WordPress Biratnagar community did an exceptional job at making their first WordCamp a hit in terms of participation and speaker session. However, there were a few things that they could improve on such as bringing in more swags like lanyards, badges, hoodies, and other. Also, they should make time-table a priority so that everything goes as per the plan. So, these were a few glitches that they could improve in the next year’s event.

Overall, we would say it was a very nice initiation by the WordPress Biratnagar Community. A big thank you from the DevotePress team to all the organizers, volunteers, speakers and participants for their effort and dedication.

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Moreover, the year 2018 was really an awesome year for the entire WordPress Nepal Community. We witnessed three local WordCamps last year, WordCamp Kathmandu 2018, WordCamp Pokhara 2018, and WordCamp Biratnagar 2018. We hope it continues and we’ll get to attend more WordCamps from different cities in the coming days.

Also, not to forget, WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 has already been announced. Get the event details here.

Cheers to the entire WordPress community in Nepal!

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