Gutenberg Block Editor Gearing Up for WordPress Mobile Apps

The Gutenberg Block Editor is gearing up for WordPress Mobile Apps.

The editor is currently in the beta version and the developing team will be shipping out the first public version of the block editor in the apps with their 11.9 release. The v.11.9 is scheduled to be released on March 11, 2019.

The block editor in 11.9 version will be focusing on providing a pleasant writing experience with support for the most basic types of content.

Jorge Bernal writes in his announcement post, “Our data showed that 90%+ of the posts created on the mobile apps consisted of basic text and images, so we decided to focus on supporting the Paragraph, Image, and Heading blocks on this version.”

The working interference would be the same in the WordPress Mobile Apps as well. Some of the basic tasks include: pressing enter to create a new paragraph block, support for undoing and redoing edits, basic formatting and more.

The block editor will be available as soon as you upgrade to version 11.9. Good thing that the editor would not be a default editor. When you edit an existing post, it will detect if it has block content and opens it in the block editor. And if there aren’t any block content, it will open in the classic editor. Moreover, new posts will still use the Classic Editor by default, however, if you want to make Gutenberg editor the default editor, visit Me > App Setting and enable the “Use Block Editor” option.

After the v.11.9, the team will be focusing on UX improvements and visual refinements along with the bugs found. The next version will also aim towards providing support for the most common blocks.

Follow the Gutenberg and Gutenberg-mobile Github repos if you have any queries.

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