WordCamp Europe 2023 – Call for Speakers

WordCamp Europe 2023 - Call for Speakers

WordCamp Europe 2023 is taking place next year in Athens. The team is looking for interesting speakers from around the globe to speak and present their topic at the global event.

WordCamp Europe 2023 will take place in Athens, Greece. It is one of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of democracy, arts, science, and philosophy of western civilization.

However, the team is bringing the spirit of the WordPress community to such a special city so are you excited?

The WordCamp Europe team is delighted to announce that:


The WordCamp Europe team are looking for talks that teach attendees how to do exciting things with WordPress — in better, new, more performant, more secure, more efficient, and more beautiful ways — to drive forward our mission of connecting the WordPress community closer together and bringing new folks to join our community!

Any topic is welcome as long as it relates to WordPress in some way. All WordPressers, from professional developers to those in the marketing field can be a speaker or workshop hosts at WordCamp Europe 2023. So, no matter what field you are from—Design, Marketing, Customer Support, Content Creation, Accessibility, or Development—you can apply to be a speaker at WCEU and present yourself in front of the crowd.

You can also apply to become a workshop host and share your knowledge in a workshop format. Again, any topics are welcome as long as it relates to WordPress and might be of interest to the attendees.

So, you can visit the official website of WordCamp Europe 2023 and answer WordCamp Europe 2023 Call for Speakers today and be a part of one of the biggest WordPress conferences!

Apply right away! #WCEU2023

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