WordCamp Europe 2024 – Call For Organisers

WordCamp Europe 2024 - Call For Organisers

WordCamp Europe 2024 is announced recently. The next big WordPress conference in Europe, WordCamp Europe 2024 will be held in Torino, Italy. The 12th edition of WordCamp Europe will be held on June 13-15, 2024.

Torino is the heart of the city which is immersed in greenery, with over 300km of tree-lined avenues and parks, leading up to the enchanting Western Alps. Also, the city is fondly known as the ‘aristocratic old lady’ and reborn into a dynamic, innovative, and modern city.

WordCamp Europe 2024 – Call for Organizers

With the announcement of WCEU2024, the Call for Organizers was also opened. If you want to get involved and want to help make the event grand, we encourage you to answer their call for organizers and be a part of the event.

There’s no restriction as to who can apply for organizers; anyone can apply as long as you have the interest, time, and dedication to help the team.

Organising a WordCamp is a hugely gratifying experience, but it does take hard work. The Organising Team will start planning WordCamp Europe in September 2023. And many teams will have weekly or bi-weekly meetings that run up until the event in June 2024. So, hurry up and answer their Call For Organiser.

WCEU2024 is in the early planning stages. So, in the meantime, you can visit the official website for the event and stay updated with the ongoing development process.

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