WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 – Call for Speakers

WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 Speakers

WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 is happening on the 8th and 9th of September at Alice Receptions, Garidhara, Kathmandu. WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 team has opened a Call for Speakers for WCKTM 2023. And, currently, the team is looking for amazing speakers to share their knowledge, skill, and experience.

Speakers are one of the most crucial parts of any WordCamp. So, you could be one of those amazing speakers this year in WordCamp Kathmandu. The deadline for Speaker application is 7th July 2023. The event is going to be a two-day event and will be attended by various communities from students, website developers, bloggers, visual designers, entrepreneurs, and others. This helps the attendees to learn more and have an opportunity to grow together.

For your convenience, the team has provided a list of topics you could present in your talk.

Speaker Topics

The team has invited the speakers to submit proposals on a wide range of topics related to WordPress and its ecosystem. From web development, design, marketing, and content creation to business strategies, community building, and beyond – any subject that adds value to our audience is welcome.

If you’re seeking inspiration and ideas for your talk, here are some of the categories you may consider:

Artificial Intelligence and WordPress

  • AI and Future of WordPress
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in WordPress Development
  • Content Generation with AI in WordPress

Business and Entrepreneurship:

  • Monetizing WordPress websites or blogs
  • Scaling up a WordPress business
  • Career opportunities and freelance tips in the WordPress industry

Community and Contribution:

  • Contributing to WordPress core or open-source projects
  • Growing together with the WordPress community
  • Advocacy and empowerment in the WordPress ecosystem

Latest Technologies and Innovations:

  • New technologies shaping the WordPress landscape
  • Cloud computing and WordPress
  • Data privacy and compliance (e.g., GDPR)

Marketing and SEO:

  • WordPress SEO strategies
  • Content creation, blogging, video creation, podcasting
  • Conversion optimization and lead generation

Personal and Inspirational Stories:

  • Success stories and entrepreneurial journeys
  • Impacting lives through WordPress
  • Empowering underrepresented groups in the WordPress community

Web Design and User Experience:

  • Design trends and techniques
  • Accessible design
  • Typography and color choices

WordPress Development

  • Gutenberg, FSE, and React in WordPress
  • Theme or plugin development
  • WordPress API and frameworks

Session Types

So, the following is the session formats for WordCamp Kathmandu 2023. Choose the one that suits your topic and presentation style.

1. Lightning Talks:

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Description: Short, powerful presentations to deliver a concise message, innovative idea, or unique perspective. No Q&A session.

2. Long Talks:

  • Duration: 25 minutes + 5-minute Q&A
  • Description: Longer presentations for in-depth analysis, personal experiences, or insights into the future of WordPress. Speakers must engage the audience and prompt discussion.

Benefits for Speakers

The speakers who are selected will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Complimentary access to WordCamp Kathmandu 2023
    • Exposure and recognition within the global WordPress community
    • Opportunities to network and connect with fellow WordPress enthusiasts
    • A chance to contribute to the growth and success of the WordPress platform

Therefore, if  you want to be a speaker at  WordCamp Kathmandu, we suggest you to register yourself as a speaker.

You can visit the official website WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 and submit your Speaker Application Form.


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