WordPress 6.2 Beta 5 Released!

WordPress 6.2 Beta 5

The fifth Beta has been released for the upcoming major release, WordPress 6.2. WordPress 6.2 Beta 5 includes improvements and enhancements. The enhancements were made after the Beta 4 release in order to smoothen your WordPress experience.

This version of the WordPress software is still in development mode. So, it’s best if you do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it’s recommended that you test Beta 5 on a test server and site.

You can test this Best 5 in three ways. They are:

Option 1: Install and activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (select the “Bleeding edge” channel and “Beta/RC Only” stream).

Option 2: Direct download the Beta 5 version (zip).

And Option 3: Use the following WP-CLI command:

wp core update --version=6.2-beta5

The major release, WordPress 6.2 is on for March 28, 2023. It is our responsibility to help the team roll out the major release with minimal (to no) issues. Therefore, let’s start testing!

There is an extra Beta

Testing forissues is a critical part of developing any software, and it’s a great way to start contributing to WordPress—now more than ever. This detailed guide is a great place to start if you’ve never tested a beta release.

This beta fixes a newly discovered bug that first appeared in Beta 1 and potentially affected every user who uses the Back button in any major browser.

The 6.2 Release Candidate, which will now happen on Thursday, March 9, depends on your confirmation that this fix works well. So please download and test.

As mentioned above, the WordPress 6.2 Release is on for March 28 and the development team can surely use all the help. If you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums. If you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report, file one on WordPress Trac, where you can also find a list of known bugs.

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