WordPress.org Added a New Feature for Plugin Pages

WordPress.org has added a new feature for plugin pages this week that highlights the official support reps. With the new support reps for plugin pages being introduced, plugin authors can now find the UI for adding support reps under the Advanced View on the plugin page. Unlike the contributors and developers role, individual support reps do not have commit access and do not appear on the plugin details page.

The support representatives for plugin pages role is especially useful for larger plugins that have a support team managing the forum. It has included the ability to mark the forum topics as resolved or sticky. Previously, it was quite difficult for the support teams to fully manage forum topics as only the plugin authors were able to mark the forum topics as resolved or sticky.

The support reps will now have their interactions highlighted in the forum:

support rep reply

Adding these official indicators to support reps’ replies will put them in context within the thread and will lend more authority to their answers. It is a small addition that will allow plugin shops to provide better support to their users.

The support reps feature is already active on WordPress.org and available for any plugin author to use.


Source: WP Tavern


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