Keeping With the Spirit of New Year: Unveils its Redesigned Homepage

WordPress Redesigned Homepage is surely welcoming the New Year with a bang. It made its new redesigned homepage live yesterday.

The meta team worked hard to put out the new design in time for the holidays. “While this is only the first iteration, the plan is to continue design and development to create something truly amazing,” Mark Uraine said in the announcement. “This is the first step toward that goal.”

Powerful features of WordPress
WordPress – Powerful Features

The header and footer remain unchanged from the previous design. According to meta team member Samuel Wood, matching them to the new design is beyond the scope of this first iteration.

“The header and footer are global pieces,” Wood said. “Redesigning them, in any way, will have to be part of a much larger effort in redesigning, well, everything. The entire site would need adjustments to adjust them.”

Uraine said in a previous post that there are iterations underway for a new, more minimal header that better aligns with the new homepage style.

The homepage redesign went from sketches to prototype to live on in a matter of a couple weeks. The redesigned homepage has been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback so far, and most see it as a huge improvement. The new design should receive a great deal more exposure now that it’s live, which will hopefully bring in more varied perspectives towards making it extraordinary in future iterations.

Source: WP Tavern


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