9 Priorities for 2019 by Matt Mullenweg

9 priorities for 2019 by Matt Mullenweg

Yesterday, on 9th December 2018, Matt Mullenweg published a post in the core channel mentioning the 9 priorities for 2019.

WordPress 5.0 was released last week with the new block editor integrated into it—the Gutenberg Editor. It was probably the major change in the update this time. So, realizing that it is a big change and need a lot of hard work to make the biggest impact for WordPressers all around the globe, Matt mentioned a few (9 to be precise) priorities for 2019 in WCUS2018’s State of the Word.

For those who’ve missed the event, Matt listed out the 9 priorities for 2019 that the WordPress developers will be focusing on:

  1. Creating a block for navigation menus.
  2. Porting all existing widgets to blocks.
  3. Upgrading the widgets-editing areas in wp-admin/widgets.php and the Customizer to support blocks.
  4. Providing a way for themes to visually register content areas, and exposing that in Gutenberg.
  5. Merging the site health check plugin into Core, to assist with debugging and encouraging good software hygiene.
  6. Providing a way for users to opt-in to the automatic plugin and theme updates.
  7. Providing a way for users to opt-in to automatic updates of major Core releases.
  8. Building a WordPress.org directory for discovering blocks, and a way to seamlessly install them.
  9. Forming a Triage team to tackle our 6,500 open issues on Trac.

These priorities coincide with the Gutenberg Phase Two initiation. You can learn more about the second phase of Gutenberg here.

According to Matt, the above-mentioned list of priorities will help in diving the team for the further development process.


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