WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 2 Now Available!

WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate – WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 2 is now available for testing. The first release candidate was released last week on 11th May.

So far, WordPress 4.9 has been downloaded almost seventy-nine million times since its release on November 15, 2017. Users are requested to try this release candidate and report any issues to ensure that WordPress 4.9.6 fixes the reported issues and doesn’t contain any new ones.

WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 2 contains 20 bug fixes since the first release candidate. And, with the issues fixed in this version, there will be a total number of 60 bug fixes in WordPress 4.9.6, while the number of enhancements/feature requests remains at 34. The official release of WordPress 4.9.6 is scheduled for 17the May 2018.

As per the official release post, “With the introduction of #44091, any existing data export requests will need to be removed by an admin and resubmitted. “

Below are the tickets that were committed since the release of RC1:


  • #44064– Define $title and $parent_file in privacy.php
  • #44045– GDPR WP Pointer dismiss link can be unreachable
  • #44050– Privacy: Abandoned heading in WP_Privacy_Policy_Content::get_default_content()
  • #44048– Privacy: exclude the wrapper from the default policy content
  • #44075– GDPR inline documentation improvements
  • #44062– Don’t show privacy feature pointer to new users
  • #44065– Remove is-dismissible class from notice when privacy info has changed
  • #44057– It’s not obvious what to do if menu bubble for policy update appears
  • #44056– Fix markup for the table of contents on privacy policy guide
  • #44076– Add wp_page_for_privacy_policy to populate_options()
  • #44026– Export and Erase Personal Data tables misaligned under 782px
  • #43491– Automatically create a Privacy Policy page when installing WordPress
  • #44063– Privacy policy guide: do not remove the “Suggested text has changed” bubble on saving the policy page
  • #44046– GDPR Privacy Policy Link in the wp-login.php page can overflow other links
  • #44055– Don’t show notice to the privacy policy guide when a user cannot view the guide
  • #44054– Escape the comment link output in the wp_comments_personal_data_exporter() function.
  • #44093– Proposed Adjustment to Privacy Settings buttons
  • #44092– Export/Erase tools: CSS issues with next_steps buttons with some locales
  • #44091– Rename exports folder to avoid deleting other files
  • #44079– Require `manage_privacy_options` capability to edit the privacy policy page

You can browse the full list of changes in WordPress 4.9.6 on Trac.

Make sure you test the WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 2. If you think you’ve found a bug, please post to the Alpha/Beta support forum to help make the release of WordPress 4.9.6  as smooth as possible.

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