WordPress 5.3 Release Schedule, Scope, Leads, and more

WordPress 5.3 Release Schedule and Scope

Francesca Marano released an announcement post yesterday with all the details regarding the upcoming major release – WordPress 5.3. It includes WordPress 5.3 release schedule, scope, leads, and more.

Proposed WordPress 5.3 Release Schedule and Scope

WordPress 5.3 Release is on for November 12, 2019. Likewise, Beta 1 and RC1 are targeted for September 23 and October 15, respectively.

Furthermore according to the announcement post, the scope this time is going to be polishing current interactions and make the UIs more user-friendly.


Similar to the v5.2, once again, Matt Mullenweg is the Release Lead for WordPress 5.3. Meanwhile, Francesca will be the Release Coordinator to make sure every 5.3 projects communicate and run according to the schedule.

Moreover, apart from the Lead and Release Coordinator, these are the other leads for 5.3 project:

There are more than 300 tickets open, feel free to contribute.

Reference: WordPress Core Blog

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