WordPress 5.2 Release Schedule, Scopes, and more

WordPress 5.2 Schedule and Scope

The WordPress 5.2 Release schedule was published yesterday with the details regarding the scopes. The scopes this time includes projects related to Gutenberg, Site Health Check, PHP Error Protection, and more.

Proposed WordPress 5.2 Schedule

WordPress 5.2 release has been slated for April 23, 2019. Likewise, Beta 1 and RC1 are targeted for March 14 and April 10, respectively.

Gary Pendergast has proposed these dates in a way that doesn’t affect the holidays during that time. This would provide several days after the release for sites to test and upgrade, according to Gary.

Proposed WordPress 5.2 Scopes

In the year 2019, the WordPress 5.2 update is going to focus on various projects.

Gutenberg has been the major matter of concern since its inception last year. With the widgets to blocks being compatible for Gutenberg 5.1, the Gutenberg work is ready to move into the next item on the 9 priorities for 2019 list, which is the block directory. The way authors discover and use new blocks is shaping up to be an important part of the block editor experience. You can join the Meta (#meta) and Core Editor (core-editor) channels to discuss this for better user experience. Also, being able to hide the blocks you don’t need can make the editing experience easier. The CoBlocks plugin has introduced a Block Manager feature along these lines. Moreover to Gutenberg updates, the team has made more UX and performance improvements, which you can see in the recent Gutenberg plugin releases.

Merging the site health check plugin into the Core is another of the 9 priorities for 2019. It will assist with debugging and encouraging good software hygiene. The Health Check plugin has come a long way and will be ready to merge before Beta 1.

Making the 5.2 updates more feature-full, the development team is targeting to include PHP Error Protection feature in WordPress 5.2.

These were the few major changes that we will see in WordPress 5.2 release. There will be many more enhancements and bug fixes.

Matt Mullenweg is the Release Lead for WordPress 5.2, whereas, Josepha will be the Release Coordinator and ensure each of the WordPress 5.2 projects are communicating and running to schedule.



Reference: WordPress Core Blog


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