WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 Released!

WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 Released

The fourth Beta has been released for the upcoming major release, WordPress 5.9. WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 includes 20 fixes and enhancements. The enhancements were made after the Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 releases in order to smoothen your WordPress experience.

Since the software is still in development mode, it’s best that you don’t run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress 5.9, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge” and “Beta/RC Only”). Or you can download the beta here (zip).

The WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 version also has a handful of changes for the developers to play around with. However, the developer notes on the WordPress Core are yet to be released.

WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 Highlights

  • Bundled Theme: Fixed duplicate CSS rules in Twenty Twenty-One theme (#53605).
  • Customizer: It’s possible to switch to a block theme from within Customizer (#54549).
  • Themes: Provide guidance to users seeking to preview block themes on WordPress versions below 5.9 (#54575).
  • REST API: The get_theme_item method should respect fields param (#54595).
  • Editor: Block Patterns: “Featured” category & patterns missing from inserter (#54623).
  • Login and registration: Add a filter to allow to disable the Login screen language dropdown – (#54675).

The generous contributors have already fixed 326 tickets in WordPress 5.9 including 108 new features and enhancements.

WordPress 5.9 Release schedule date is on 25th January 2022. And to make the major release smooth and bug-free, the developers need your help. Therefore, we suggest you start testing right away!

If you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums. Moreover, if you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report, file one on WordPress Trac, where you can also find a list of known bugs


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