WordPress 6.0 Field Guide: Full Features and Enhancements

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The next major release, WordPress 6.0 is nearing and we all are waiting for the changes it’s going to bring. With this big release on the way, users will be experiencing over 97 enhancements and more than 131 bug fixes. Also, the release includes 13 Gutenberg bug fixes and 23 blessed tasks. The core development team released a field guide to WordPress 6.0 in the official core channel of the team on 3rd May.

The guide, posted by Milana Cap, lays down the major changes that will be seen in WordPress 6.0. Milana strongly suggests users test their plugins, themes, and sites with WordPress 6.0 before the release so that they don’t have to face unanticipated issues later.

WordPress 6.0 will include Global Style Variations, Block Locking, Writing Enhancements, More Design Tools, Updates in External Libraries, New Hooks, and more. Also, the update includes several fixes and improvements as well.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the improvements included in WordPress 6.0.

Block Editor Improvements

Like any other major update, WordPress 6.0 will also include an array of amazing performance enhancements regarding the Gutenberg Editor.

Here are some of the highlights included to further enhance the Block Editor:

Accessibility Enhancements

WordPress 6.0 boasts several accessibility enhancements including general enhancements like adding button text labels to the site editor and displaying the block title when removing a block. The update also includes accessibility enhancements in other areas like Nav Block, ListView, Media, Quick/Bulk Edit, log in and Registration, Themes, and more. Know more about the Accessibility Enhancements here.

Media Enhancements

WordPress 6.0 includes several media refinements including new filters and functionalities.

Other Miscellaneous Updates:

Over 131 bugs, 97 enhancements and feature requests, and 23 blessed tasks have been marked as fixed in WordPress 6.0. Some additional ones include:

The major release is nearing and we, as a responsible part of this wonderful community, should help our developers deliver the new version as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we request you to please test your code. So that any prevailing issues can be fixed beforehand and help you and other millions of WordPress users and sites.

We’re eagerly waiting for the WordPress 6.0 update to land and we’re sure you are too. Stay updated with us for more WordPress-related articles.

Happy WordPressing!

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