How to View Upcoming WordCamps in WordPress Dashboard

Upcoming WordCamps

If you are a WordPress lover, you definitely love attending WordCamps. After all, WordCamps are held for all WordPress lovers to learn more about WordPress communities, to share experiences and network with each other. WordCamps take place around the world nearly every weekend. Although you can view upcoming events on WordCamp Central, there exist a new plugin on that enables you to view upcoming WordCamps in your WordPress Dashboard.

WordCamp Dashboard Widget is the plugin that has the quick access to a list of upcoming WordCamps happening anywhere around the world right from your admin area. This handy plugin is developed by Ajit Bohra.

Upcoming WordCamps Widget. Image Source: WP TAVERN

The plugin displays a widget on your dashboard showing you the list of upcoming WordCamps. It provides you the option to search, sort and navigate through the list with a direct link to the respective WordCamp website. The @ symbol links to the official Twitter account associated with the event and the # symbol links to the official hashtag. The data in this plugin is fetched from WordCamp central and stored in a transient for better performance, which is refreshed every day to reflect new data.

Users can also adjust the number of upcoming WordCamps shown per page, sort events by location, date, or Twitter information. You can even display this information on any post or page using the shortcode [wordcamps].

However, during testing, some of the users noticed that the Twitter accounts of some events were either missing or incorrect. For example, WordCamp London links to @wcldn instead of @WordCampLondon.

Bohra is currently working on the improvements of the plugin with options to refresh the data, improve data fetching, and more filtering options for the version 1.0.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any bug while using this plugin, you can submit it to the project’s GitHub page.

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