Axton: Minimalist Free Portfolio WordPress Block Theme For Full Site Editing

Axton - Minimalist Free Portfolio WordPress Block Theme For Full Site Editing
Are you looking for the best free portfolio WordPress block theme for full site editing for your website? Then, you are at the right place.  Today we are going to review a theme Axton, a minimalist free portfolio WordPress block theme for full site editing. This article might be helpful for those who are waiting for more full site editing features that go beyond simple blogging as this theme is best suited for portfolio, blog, photography, freelance, startup, personal, and other related sites.

Axton - Minimalist Free Portfolio WordPress Block Theme For Full Site Editing Demo

As we all know, WordPress 5.9 introduced us to the new era of WordPress with Full Site Editing in block WordPress themes. And with its latest release, WordPress 6.0.1, it includes even more block functionalities, a new intuitive style switcher/browse style, block locking options, more template options, and many more. With its amazing updates, WordPress themes for full site editing are all around the market that is loved by most of the users. And among them, Axton is one of the stunning block WordPress themes. This theme has an attractive design and magnificent features that encourage you to give it a try. Also, the theme is absolutely free. So, why not give it a try?

Axton comes with a minimal design that gives a professional look to your website. Trying out this theme, I found it really impressive as it is easy to use and comes with amazing features. If you have been waiting to try a WordPress theme for full site editing, then go for Axton. Basically, it is beneficial to use this theme, and also, if you want more options there is the option to upgrade the theme which we’ll talk about it in this article. With this being said, here’s a quick review of Axton, a free minimalist block WordPress theme for Full Site Editing.

Axton – A Free Portfolio WordPress Block Theme for Full Site Editing

Axton is a Free Portfolio WordPress Block Theme for Full Site Editing that comes with a minimal design. The theme is perfect for portfolio, blog, photography, freelance, personal, startup, and other related sites to showcase your work. This is a block-based theme that includes a light and dark color scheme demo. This theme includes all the Full Site Editing features and functionalities that lets you customize your site just the way you want.

WordPress comes with a new intuitive style switcher feature that allows you to switch the style that you want on your site. There is a browse style option available in this theme “Axton” where you can choose the option that you want on your site. Currently, there are two options: Dark and Light.

Light Color Style:

Whereas, the Light color style brings out the elegance of your site gracefully and in a cleaner way. You can switch your theme style and switch to  Light Color Scheme with just a single click in the Browse Style option.

Axton - Light Color Style

Dark Color Style:

By default, the style option is selected on Dark and your site will have a Dark Color Scheme. Like in the image below, the style option is set to Default, which means your site now is in dark color mode.

Axton - Dark Color Style

Multiple Block Patterns

The best part of Axton is that it comes with amazing block patterns. This block theme comes with 21+  block patterns which are fully responsive, and highly customizable. You can easily drag and drop the block patterns and add the designs, sections, and build your site beautifully. Some of the block patterns are Header Media, Hero Content, Contact Us, Featured Content, Blog Post, 404 Header, Search Header, Default Footer, Footer Three columns, Post Header, and many more.

Some of the major block patterns are:

  • Header Media
  • Featured Content
  • Hero Content
  • Contact Us
  • Blog Sidebar on the Left
  • Blog Sidebar on the Right
  • 404 Header
  • Search Header
  • Default Footer
  • Footer with Three Columns
  • Post Header

Axton - Multiple Block Patterns

You need to click click on the “+” sign > Patterns to use the available block patterns. Select Axton from the drop-down menu and all the available Axton Block Patterns will load.

You can simply drag and drop the block pattern that you want to the desired area and customize them accordingly.  For instance, in the image below, I have dragged and dropped the Our Studio pattern, one of the Axton block patterns.

Axton - Drag and Drop Block Pattern

The image below shows all the customization of the selected Our Studio block pattern that includes several blocks like Group, Styles, Color, and Typography. All of these blocks have separate customization options and will be displayed accordingly when a block is selected. As I have selected the whole Cover block, the displayed settings are of the same block.

Axton - Block Patterns Settings

Make the necessary changes and click on Save if you want to keep the changes.

Moreover, Axton is fully responsive and customizable. And all the block patterns available in this theme are beautifully displayed that looks awesome on all the screen sizes. You can build a stunning portfolio website with its amazing features, customization options, and functionalities.

Different Templates

Axton - Templates

The theme comes with 17 Templates that enable users to make the changes to the layouts easily. Some of the templates are archive, 404, single post, search, home, blog page, front page, index, blank, page, and much more.

Template Parts

Axton - Templates Parts

Moreover, there are also many Template Parts like Footer (With Three Columns), Footer, Header (With Search Bar), Header (With Search and Social), Header, Page-content, Post Content, and Sidebar.

Download Axton today and build your portfolio website with Full Site Editing features.

Download Axton Theme Axton Light Demo Axton Dark Demo

FSE Pro – Premium Add-On Plugin

If you want to get advanced Full Site Editing functionalities, it is recommended that you use a premium add-on plugin – FSE PRO. This premium WordPress Plugin comes with a wide range of custom blocks and block patterns. The plugin is highly recommended by the Theme Authors in order to fully benefit from Axton.

Axton - FSE Pro Plugin

This premium add-on plugin offers 10 different custom blocks and 25+ beautiful block patterns.

FSE Pro Blocks:

The 10 custom blocks in FSE PRO plugin includes:

  • Case Study Block: Display your most interesting content with various customization options.
  • Popup Video Block: Add a responsive video icon along with the “Watch Now” text.
  • Slider Block: Add custom slides and display your content in multiple columns.
  • Skills Bar Block: Display your strengths and talent in the % bar with numerous style options and customizations.
  • Playlists: Upload a audio file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL. Press and hold ctrl button to select multiple items.
  • Icons(beta): Change block type or style easily.
  • Header Search Block: Add a responsive search icon that comes with a Show/Hide search bar upon clicking.
  • Header Social Block: Add a social icon with an option to Show/Hide social icons upon clicking.
  • Masonry Block: Display your gallery in 1 to 4 columns with various customization options.
  • Tabs Block: Can be used to display your portfolio elegantly.

How to Add FSE Blocks:

You can add FSE Blocks through the drag and drop feature. In order to add any block from FSE Pro, click on the “+” sign on the top bar and the Blocks tab will open. Now, you need to scroll down to find the FSE Pro blocks section. Drag the desired block and drop them on the site area. You can find the customization options of a certain block on the right side of the screen upon clicking the Settings icon.

In the image below, I have dragged and dropped the Header Social block in the header area of the site. This Header Social Block comes with an option to Show/Hide social icons upon clicking the button.

Similarly, you can add other FSE Blocks in the same way as well. The block setting will be displayed on the right side of the screen under the Settings icon. As you can see in the image below, the customization options of the Slider block can be seen on the right side.

You can customize the FSE block your way and Save your changes to keep them.

FSE PRO Block Patterns

The premium add-on plugin, FSE Pro comes with 25+ FSE Block Patterns that are sure to bring uniqueness to your site.  Some of them include:

  • Case Study
  • Homepage One
  • Featured Content One/ Two/Three
  • Footer Four Columns
  • Header Media
  • Header with Center Logo
  • Logo
  • Pricing Table One/ Two/ Three
  • Service One/Two/Three/Four
  • Testimonials One/Two/Three
  • Skill bar patterns
  • Multiple Header Patterns
  • Multiple Footer Patterns

The insertion of block patterns are same as FSE blocks. Easy and quick!



Overall, Axton is a beautifully designed WordPress block theme that users can use to build a portfolio, blog, photography, personal, freelance, startup, and other related sites to showcase their work. Since it is a free theme where users are getting different block patterns along with amazing FSE features. Check out Documentation if you get stuck while using any features. This will give the detail of how to use the theme’s features. It is safe to say that Axton is worth a try that will help you to build your desired website with blocks. Also, FSE Plugin works perfectly and is getting, even more, better with every update.

Try out the Axton theme today and showcase your talent and skill to the world at large.

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