An Exclusive Interview with Sabrina Zeidan at WordCamp Europe 2019

Sabrina Zeidan Interview

Welcome to Episode 12 of DevotePress’ WCEU2019 Interview Series. For this episode, we have Sabrina Zeidan from Ukraine. Sabrina specializes in helping dev teams implement WordPress Multisite to get the most out of its functionality.

Sabrina first installed WordPress for the advertising agency she was working at. She’s been into WordPress since 2010 and has been on a long journey; from design, SEO and marketing to building cool things with WordPress Multisite. She is fond of scaling the networks of websites with WordPress Multisite and performance optimization. Also, she focuses on making WordPress websites faster as a part of the WP Media team.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, Sabrina held a three-hour-long workshop, which is commendable. She along with her attendees built different business carousels, customer journey, marketing personas, and more.

In this interview, Sabrina shares her journey in WordPress, WordPress multisite, SaaS in general, and more.

DevotePress would like to thank Sabrina Zeidan for sitting with us and sharing her thoughts and opinions.

Here is the full interview with Sabrina Zeidan at WCEU2019:

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