An Exclusive Interview with Hemant Kumar – WCKTM2019 Speakers

hemant kumar interview

Hemant Kumar is a passionate design researcher, a brand promoter at Rachna Sikki Hastkala Kendra, Madhubani in Bihar, India. He also guides students from various design backgrounds in publication design, typography, and web graphics. Hemant loves spending time with Indic Languages and translating them.

Mr. Kumar was one of the amazing speakers at WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 and his speech was solely focused on designing and developing. He shed light on how colors and typography are important in modern web and how can they impact the audiences. His speech was beneficial for web designers, developers and front-end developers at WCKTM2019.

During this interview, we got to know his views and opinions regarding certain things in WordPress and also, web designing. At WCKTM2019, Hemant talked about web designing and the impacts of correct color selection and typography. He also highlighted how informed decision of color palette and typefaces for a website transforms into faster brands acceptance.

He suggests, “Whenever we are designing websites, we should, first of all, think about the audience. Our audiences could be of any age and we need to design the website accordingly. According to the audience, we need to suit the colors as well as typography and font size.”

To all those who’re thinking about entering the web designing field, Hemant suggests, “At least give it a single try to WordPress first. It is very easy to start with compared to other platforms.”

It was such a pleasure to interview this inspiring character. We wish him all the best for coming endeavors. Thank you, Hemant Kumar, for sitting with us for this interview. You can find the full interview session with him on our YouTube Channel, or you can also watch the video below:

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WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 took place on March 16-17, 2019. If you had missed the event, we’ve got it all covered for you. You can check it out here.

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