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Francesca Marano Interview

For Episode 7 of WordCamp Europe 2019 Interview Series, we present you Francesca Marano from Italy. She is the WordPress Community Manager at SiteGround. She is a versatile woman as she is a part of various sectors in WordPress, especially on the networking area. Francesca is a part of the WordPress community team, organizing meetups and WordCamps, and also taking part in other WordPress events worldwide.

Francesca is the founder of C+B, a blog with a staff of more than 80 authors offering advice for Italian female creative entrepreneurs. She is a passionate speaker and you can find her in Italy and around the world talking about WordPress, community, open-source, women in tech, and small businesses. Moreover, she has an amazing networking talent which she believes is the key to success.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, Francesca talked on the art of networking. She explained how networking can help in growing your business and find new ideas, new customers, new partners, and even new jobs.

In this interview, Francesca talks about her journey in WordPress, WordPress in detail, the importance of networking in the community, her takeaways, and more.

Talking about the challenges she faced in the initial phase, Francesca says, “In terms of business, WordPress gets a little bit of a bad reputation as it looks like a product for simple websites. I find it very confusing that until today where we have proved that WordPress is capable of huge projects, people still think WordPress is just a blogging platform. The roadblock that I hit in my life as a freelancer was that WordPress was not taken seriously. Also, as an independent worker, the solitude is not easy to handle. This is very common for people who work for themselves.”

In Francesca’s opinion, correct networking means having a genuine interest in what the other person is doing. We are in a community and networking is important. WordPress sure is a business industry but because it’s so deeply rooted, it is important to be yourself. One needs to be genuine and be interested in what you’re doing. “You should give information that is interesting to the person you’re talking to instead of just giving them the hard-sell.”

Francesca is an amazing person with a charming personality. She has also provided some wonderful tips for the startups and those who are willing to start their career in WordPress.

DevotePress would like to thank Francesca for taking out time and sitting with us for this informative interview.

Here is the full interview with Francesca Marano at WordCamp Europe 2019:

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