EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In conversation with George Gkouvousis at WCEU2019

george gkouvousis interview

For Episode 6 of WordCamp Europe 2019 Interview Series, DevotePress sat down with George Gkouvousis, co-founder of 8web Interactive from Greece. He has been a full stack developer for more than eight years and is an official WPML contractor and rtCamp’s EasyEngine project expert. Handling some serious projects in Greece and London, he helps serve the worldwide web tons of megabytes every day through awesome websites and scalable solutions.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, George’s topic covered how one can set up a complete stack via automated scripts like EasyEngine and analyze all parameters of it, with hands-on experience of using NGINX, PHP7, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis Cache for a super-fast website.

In this interview, George talks about his WordPress journey, how fast servers can improve user experience, his talk on WCEU2019, why fast web servers are important, and more.

Interview with George Gkouvousis

George shares, “My daily routine consist of troubleshooting, implementing and scaling WordPress based web projects. I remember myself back in 2005, messing up with a horizontal WordPress admin stylesheet which contained a few of my new items that were about 2 kilobytes. I have already seen WordPress growing up with my experience. Our projects are currently serving tons of gigabytes to the worldwide web every single day. And that is why I am here today.”

“Nowadays, speed is obviously a very important requirement. It is required from the search engines view and it’s also required for us in order to provide better user experience, better websites, and more fast websites because we are living in a new era where the first priority is speed.”

We also asked George where he sees WordPress in the future. To which he says, “WordPress did some great moves during the last five years. So, I believe that the future is going to be great as well. I think most things will be based on a mobile-first orientation. Therefore, great things will come to mobile-users. I’ve already seen some great moves from WordPress regarding the way that users will be able to create content. WordPress has become such an easy tool in order for everyone to create content and websites. That’s why I strongly believe that the next five years will be just a copy of this for the mobile-users. There also are a few other things like Gutenberg and Rest API which are scheduled for the next five years. The priorities are already there and they affect (positively) mobile-users.

Here is the full interview with George Gkouvousis at WCEU2019:

DevotePress would like to thank George Gkouvousis for taking out time and sitting with us for this interview.

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