Up Close with Naoko Takano | Global Lead for WCASIA2020

Naoko Takano

For Episode 5 of WordCamp Europe 2019 Interview Series, we present you the charming Naoko Takano, Global Lead for WCASIA2020. Naoko is from Fukuoka, Japan. She is working as a Globalizer at Automattic and is very active in the WordPress community. Nao started using WordPress in 2003 and moved to the translation sector to help make the community better. She helps Japanese WordPress community, write blogs for WodPress.com, has written books regarding WordPress and active in organizing WordPress events.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, she was present as a charming personality who’s the Global Lead of upcoming WordCamp Asia 2020.

In this interview, Naoko talks about her WP journey, her role in the community, the responsibilities for WCASIA2020, her experience at WordCamp Europe 2019, her motivations, and more.

About WordCamp Asia 2020, Nao says “We currently have 41 organizers for WCASIA2020. I am the Global Lead and Nok from Thailand is the local lead. We have 11 people in the local team and they are currently researching for the venue. We have around 14 leads in our team and we all are taking up responsibilities. My role is to help them with those responsibilities.”

Nao also appreciated WCEU2019 team for helping her in organizing WCASIA 2020. “We’re still in the early planning stage, so I am learning a lot from WCEU2019. The European team is always trying to do something new and innovative. And it is very inspiring for us.”

DevotePress would like to thank Nao for taking out time and sitting with us for this interview.

Here is the full interview video with Naoko Takano:

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