Displaying Breadcrumb Trails with Catch Breadcrumb Pro

Breadcrumb trails or breadcrumb navigation can come in handy if you have a website with a large number of pages. It is one of the most important features to have if you own an online shopping portal. Having a breadcrumb trail on your website helps your visitors to easily navigate through your website. If you own a website that has numerous pages and content, then you should design it in a way that if someone ends up on a product page, they’ll be able to easily navigate to your homepage, your categories page, or to another type of product. Today, here at DevotePress, we’ll be displaying breadcrumb trails elegantly on our website. Let’s get started.

Displaying Breadcrumb Trails with Catch Breadcrumb Pro

For this tutorial, we’re going to use a simple yet feature-rich WordPress plugin, Catch Breadcrumb Pro. It is a premium breadcrumb WordPress plugin that adds seamless breadcrumb navigation to your website. Catch Breadcrumb Pro comes with features such as shortcode options, color options, breadcrumb selector, separator, font size option, and more. Most importantly, Catch Breadcrumb Pro is a Gutenberg-compatible WordPress plugin, so you now don’t have to worry about the plugin breaking your website.

Firstly, you’ll need to install and activate the Catch Breadcrumb Pro Plugin. After your plugin is installed and activated, visit Catch Breadcrumb Pro > Settings in order to further configure the plugin.

Catch Breadcrumb Pro - Settings

You’ll now see the shortcode option. Simply copy and paste the provided shortcode directly into any post or page and enjoy displaying your breadcrumb trail.

Shortcode option

Under the Shortcode option is the Settings option. This is where you can configure your Catch Breadcrumb Pro plugin.

Settings option

On the Breadcrumb Selector field, you need to enter the website position. The breadcrumb trails will be displayed gracefully right above the mentioned website section. Add your own custom breadcrumb separator in the Separator field. Select the breadcrumb position, font size, text color, background color, separator color, and more.

Save your changes once you’re done.

Now, head over to your website to see the plugin in action.

Catch Breadcrumb Pro is surely the ultimate stop if you’re thinking about displaying breadcrumb trails on your website without having to mess with coding.

There is also a free version of this plugin. However, the free Catch Breadcrumb plugin comes with lesser customization options. Therefore, we suggest you go for the premium one and make your breadcrumb trails standout!

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