How To Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments

How to Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments

Do you want to lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments to optimize the speed of your website? Lazy loading Gravatars in your WordPress comments especially help if articles on your website have a lot of comments.

Gravatar is undoubtedly an uprising trend that is being used on many WordPress Blogs nowadays. Not only the bloggers, but the theme designers are also focusing on making the best comment box for their WordPress themes and implementing gravatar with creativity.

Gravatars are great, but they are also one of the reasons why your website is running slow. Each gravatar id adds an HTTP request to your page load, increasing the page wait time for your website and affecting the user experience. That means, the more gravatars engaged on your website, the slower your website loads.

To overcome this issue, you can lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments. To lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments, means only load the gravatars when a user scrolls on the specific gravatar. What an interesting idea to speed up your website, right?

So, if your website receives a lot of comments, then lazy loading the gravatars is worth a try. Having said that, let us show you how you can easily lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments.

Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments Using a Plugin 

The very first thing you need to do is install and activate the BJ Lazy Load plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin will help you to easily set up the lazy load feature on your WordPress website.

After activating the plugin, simply visit Settings > BJ Lazy Load page to customize the plugin.

Settings> BJ Lazy Load

With the BJ plugin, you can apply the lazy load feature to your content, text widgets, post thumbnails, gravatars, images, and iframes with ease. Here you can select the items you want the lazy load feature to work on. You also have other various options to customize the plugin your way.

Lazy Load Options

To lazy load gravatars in WordPress comments, click on Yes in Apply to gravatars option.

Apply to Gravatars

Click on the Save Changes button and that’s it. You have successfully added the lazy load feature in the gravatars on your WordPress website. You can visit any article with comments on your website to see the plugin in action. You will notice the lazy loading of gravatar images as you scroll down the comments.

Have anything to add, ask, or share? Feel free to use the comments section. Enjoy lazy loading the gravatars!

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