Best Practices for WordPress Developers – 2021

Best Practices for WordPress Developers

WordPress holds a pretty good place on the internet, one-third of the websites are running under WordPress. It is the most powerful open source blogging and CMS platform available today. With a platform that powerful, it is indisputable that there are millions of developers in the field. However, not all of them are following best practices and techniques. If you’re a developer working with WordPress at any level or in any way, you need to know a few WordPress developer practices in order to bring out the best in you. Today, we bring you some of the best practices for WordPress developers. These are the most common yet very distinctive practices one can follow.

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Be familiar with the Gutenberg Editor


Let’s start the article with the Gutenberg editor.  WordPress 5.0 introduced us all to the new block editor.  With the release of the Gutenberg editor, most of the users have shifted to blocks. This means developers need to learn the new editor and how it actually works. The editor is all about the blocks and makes things way easier for bloggers to play with their content. Though there still are many users who’re not yet comfortable using the editor, slowly but steadily they are shifting to Gutenberg as well. However, being the developer that you are, you need to stay up-to-date and stay ready for every change that takes place. Gutenberg is undoubtedly the future of WordPress and developers need to be familiar with it. Blocks, blocks, and more blocks.

Follow WordPress Standard Codes


As a WordPress developer, no matter what you develop, you need to follow the WordPress Standard Codes. Coding standards help developers avoid common coding mistakes and simplify modification. Developers would be able to jump into a section of code and update it if need be. Following WordPress Standard Codes reduces unnecessary complexity in development and also makes it easier to track bugs while developing.

Develop User-friendly Products


The first and foremost thing a developer needs to consider is his users. The products you develop should always be user-friendly. Add features and functionalities that your customers would love to see in your products. If it is user-friendly, the chances are you will get a hit product and your customers will admire your work as well. A real developer always puts his users’ needs first, makes it his first priority while developing and deliver a fine product.

Choose WordPress Plugins Wisely


When working in the WordPress industry, you’re likely to use third-party plugins as well. So, while choosing your plugins, make sure you choose only those that are frequently updated and have high satisfaction ratings. Regular updates mean developers are interested in the product and really want people to try them out. It also means lesser bugs and fatal errors.

Also, don’t use too many plugins; it could make your website slow and even could break your site. Therefore, only use those that are absolutely vital.

Back up and secure your Website


As a developer, one should always keep their website safe and secure. Backing up your website regularly is a very good option to go for. Regular backups mean you don’t have to worry about losing your data. WordPress is not completely secure and is always at risk of hacker attacks. That’s why securing your website is essential. There are a bunch of security tools you can choose in order to secure your website.

Here’s how you can secure your website from hackers.


Our wonderful WordPress community is growing day by day as well as the developers. If you’re an immersing developer in this field looking for some practices to follow, the above-mentioned points will surely help you. Not only these, but you should also always update to the latest WordPress version, clear caches frequently, use the same URL in WordPress Address and Site Address, provide regular updates for your customers, and more. Adhering to these best practices will help you later down the line as you build upon your WordPress development skills.

Do you know any other practices that would fit in the list? Drop them in the comments section below.

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