How to Create a Category in WordPress

In the previous post, we discussed why we need to create a category for our blog or website.

Creating category is very important to organize our website in the long run. So, here is the step by step tutorial on how to create a category in WordPress.

1) First you need to be on your Dashboard. Once there, go to Posts -> Categories

Posts Category

2) After you click on Categories, you will enter the Category page as shown below:

Category Page

3) Here, we already have 6 categories named Articles, Essay, Photography, Quotes, Travel and Uncategorized respectively.

For the tutorial, let’s cretae a new category named ‘Tutorial’. Please note that you won’t have any categories in advance, except for Uncategorized. Everything you don’t categorize will be categorized as ‘Uncategorized’.

In the Add New Category section of the page, go and write the name of category, slug and description.

Add New Category

After you write all the information, click on ‘Add New Category’.

Now, you have successfully created a New Category (in our case it’s ‘Tutorial’).


That’s it. You’re done. You can see the new category in your category page as shown above.

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