Jetpack Updates: Jetpack 6.7 Introduced a New Site Accelerator and Activity View

The new version, Jetpack 6.7 has been released and now is available for download. Jetpack 6.7 was released yesterday, on November 6, 2018. The new version has brought several interesting changes along with a few other refinements.

The new features aim at making your site faster and safer. Jetpack 6.7 has introduced a new site accelerator, activity view, support for twenty nineteen, sitemap improvements and more.

Let’s have a quick detailed look at the enhancements in Jetpack 6.7.

A New Site Accelerator

Improve your site with a new site accelerator! With the release of Jetpack 6.7, users can now choose to serve their site’s static CSS and JavaScript files from the lightning-fast Content Delivery Network. The newly introduced feature speeds up your website’s load time for visitors, alleviates the stress on your server, and makes your site friendlier to search engines.


Jetpack 6.7 has introduced a new Activity feature. It is a tool that allows you to monitor changes that occur on the website and all the admin activities. It tracks changes like plugin installations, theme changes, comment approvals, post deletions, and more. The Activity feature makes it easier for you to troubleshoot and make repairs whenever there’s an issue.

Twenty Nineteen Support

Twenty Nineteen is the next default theme for WordPress 5.0. Jetpack 6.7 has added support for a better experience with the new Twenty Nineteen theme. It has included support for infinite scroll, responsive videos, content options, enhanced widgets, enhanced shortcodes, and more.

Enhanced Sitemap

You will now find several enhancements in the Sitemap feature. The enhancements include better handling for sites that use a static home page and an automatic refresh after a Jetpack update.

Check out the full changelog to know more about the updates in Jetpack 6.7.

You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.

We recommend you to update your Jetpack to the latest version right away to avoid the fatal errors and changes.


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