How to Display Recent Tweets on WordPress Sidebar

In the previous article, “How to Extract Twitter Widget HTML Code” we discussed how to extract HTML code from twitter.

Now, in this article, we will walk you through the process of displaying recent tweets on WordPress sidebar.

However, we assume that you already have the HTML code which you receive after you follow instructions from previous article on ‘How to Extract Twitter Widget HTML Code‘.

  1. Go to your website Dashboard

  2. Go to Appearance -> Widgets.

WordPress Appearance --> Widgets

  1. Bring the ‘Text Widget’ box to your sidebar space.

Main Sidebar Text Widget

  1. Add the HTML code you received from the Twitter Widget Page

Copy Paste on Text Widget

  1. Click on ‘Save’

Click on Save in the Text Widget

You’re done! If you followed all steps correctly, recent tweets will be displayed in your website’s sidebar.

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