Get Ready for WordCamp Asia 2021!

WordCamp Asia 2021

As we all know, WordCamp Asia 2020 is now cancelled due to an outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in the region. The cancellation of this event was disheartening. Since it was cancelled and postponed, a lot of us were wondering when the next WCASIA would take place. So, the good news is Naoko Takano, the Global Lead of WCASIA has announced that WordCamp Asia 2021 will take place in January 2021. Yayy! 

According to her post, the organizers have already started working on WordCamp Asia 2021. They are working behind the scenes to devise the new roadmap.

WCASIA2021 is taking place in the same venue, i.e. TRUE ICON HALL at ICONSIAM, Bangkok, Thailand. However, the dates are still not confirmed; but they are planning for the month of January.

It feels great to see that everyone was very concerned and passionate about the event. In spite of the cancellation, the passion and love for WordCamp Asia is what led our organizers to reorganize everything with same level of dedication they had while starting it. So, Kudos to our organizing team!

Do you want to contribute? 

An online contributor day is taking place this Friday called “Theme Review Day”. This event is happening on behalf of the WordCamp Asia 2020 Contributor Day. Click here to know more about it. 

Welcome WordCamp Asia 2021!

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