WordPress 4.7.3 Release Candidate – 1 is Now Available!

WordPress 4.7.3 RC - 1

Following the security update of WordPress 4.7.2 last month, the WordPress 4.7.3 RC – 1 has been made available today.

from the WordPress Development Team announced today that the release of WordPress 4.7.3 has been scheduled for Monday, 6 March 2017, exactly a week from today.

What’s new in WordPress 4.7.3 RC – 1?

There are a few changes made in the WordPress 4.7.3 RC – 1:

  • Media upload handling: When testing, if you have the Disable Real MIME Check plugin installed, the development team asked remove it and re-test uploading your previously problematic files. See more details here.
  • REST API-related changes: fixes to post and comment date handling, the wp-api.js client, and a few other miscellaneous parameters. Check out the full list of REST API related changes on REST API changelog page.
  • Customizer changes

In addition to the above three, there are many other miscellaneous changes. You can browse the full list of changes on Trac.

Make sure you test the WordPress 4.7.3 Release Candidate – 1. If you think you’ve found a bug, please post to the Alpha/Beta support forum to help make the release of WordPress 4.7.3 next week as smooth as possible.


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