WCEU2019 Interview Series PHASE I Completed!

WCEU2019 Interview Series Phase I

We’ve been rolling out WCEU2019 interviews one after another lately and we’re happy to announce that we’re already done with our WCEU2019 Interview Series Phase I. The interview videos are up on our YouTube channel. Since we have interviewed around 15 amazing personalities at WordCamp Europe 2019, we wanted to assort them in phases. Dividing them into phases would be convenient for our viewers to not get confused. In case you were not updated with our interview series, the phase I will cover you up.

The WCEU2019 interview series phase I includes four amazing WordPress personalities – Sebastiaan van der Lans, Pascal Birchler, Remkus de Vries, and Andrew Taylor. While Sebastiaan, Pascal, And Andrew were speakers at WordCamp Europe, Remkus de Vries was the Team Lead for Volunteers. All of these four personalities are so different, however, the immense passion for what they do in their field was similar and very motivating.

If you had missed any interview from Phase I, here are the quick links:

1. Exclusive Interview with Sebastiaan van der Lans 
2. Exclusive Interview with Pascal Birchler
3. Exclusive Interview with Remkus de Vries
4. Exclusive Interview with Andrew Taylor

Now that you are up-to-date with WCEU2019 Interview Series PHASE I, stay tuned for Phase II. The phase II will feature another four interviews from amazing WP heroes.

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Happy WordPressing!

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