WooCommerce and Square: Better together!

WooCommerce and Square

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that transforms any WordPress powered website into an online store. Its popularity is directly attributed to the fact that it is very easy to customize and use. WooCommerce powers more than 37% of the online stores today and just yesterday it announced the integration of one of the most voted for integrations. WooCommerce and Square are finally together. The most anticipated WooCommerce and Square integration has arrived and it is all that people wished it to be.

WooCommerce supports credit card payments, direct bank transfers, cheque payments and cash on delivery. In addition, WooCommerce allows you to install a bunch of extensions, including payment processors. Companies like Stripe, Amazon Payments, and PayPal have all built WooCommerce extensions.

Therefore, the one that was missing – Square, is here. The new Square for WooCommerce extension lets you sync your online and offline stores with one integration. The Woo team had verified the customer demand for WooCommerce and Square integration via its ideas board and received 950 votes.  Square is known for its neat little credit card dongles that let you accept credit cards using your phone or tablet and the company’s POS system.

Previously, managing online and offline stores at the same time was a tedious task. One had to manually update all the offline transactions into their online inventories to ensure that everything was up-to-date. Especially if the company is of a larger scale, the task just doesn’t seem to end. That is why WooCommerce and Square integrating together was one of the most demanded integrations.

When store owners connect their Square accounts to WooCommerce, a manual sync from WooCommerce to Square or vice-versa can be done. The SKU’s, categories, details, and images for products on either platform are synced in this way.

WooCommerce and Square

So now onwards, there will no more be a need for continuous updates. People can update once and sync their transaction changes when any sale is made online or offline. The Square for WooCommerce extension costs $79 per year. In addition to the annual fee, Square charges 2.75 percent per offline transaction and 2.9 percent + 30 cents for online purchases.

You can use Square to accept all major credit cards with WooCommerce and take payments online and offline for the products you’ve already created in WooCommerce. The extension is compatible with WooCommerce 2.5 and up. Square eCommerce payments is only available in the US and Canada, though. And other countries might have to wait for the awesome integration to work.

There are many advantages to using the same payment processor for both your online and offline businesses. You can now sell that last piece of clothing on your store, but the Square for WooCommerce extension gives you the freedom to not have to update it. Your website will automatically show that the item is no longer available.

It gets so much easier for stores using Square to set up an online store with the WooCommerce and Square integration. Consequently, even small businesses are able to take advantage of unifying sales inventory between platforms just within a few clicks. The reason why WooCommerce and Square integration is a revolutionary idea and all of us outside the US and Canada wait for it eagerly.

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