WordCamp Europe 2020 Online Concluded with 8700+ Registered Attendees

WordCamp Europe 2020 Online Concluded with 8700+ Registered Attendees

The most awaited virtual WordCamp this year, WordCamp Europe 2020 Online finally concluded last week. We had an awesome time at WCEU online as we attended all the sessions and were very inspired by each one of them. Before we write thoroughly about the event, we, the whole DevotePress unit would like to place a big Thank You to all the organizers for making this event even possible and with such huge success. Congratulations, WCEU team!

Also, since we were the media supporter this time, we live posted/tweeted all the sessions of this three-day event through our social media accounts. Make sure you check them out. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to get updates. With that being said, here’s everything that went down at the biggest online WordCamp conference.

Let’s kick off this article with numbers. The first-ever WordCamp Europe Online witnessed a record-breaking number of 8700+ registered attendees from over 140 countries all around the globe. That’s remarkable! Talking about the Contributor day, it witnessed over 2500 Registered Attendees with 700+ contributors. Amazing! With this number, WordCamp Europe 2020 Online becomes the biggest and successful WordCamp conference of all time. Big congratulations to all! All of the participants who were registered for the three-day online event were provided with private Zoom meeting details for easy communication and networking.

Contributor Day

The first day of WCEU was the Contributor Day on June 4, 2020. As mentioned earlier, it featured 700+ contributors from around the world with more than 2500 Registered Attendees. There were a total of 16 amazing Make WordPress teams at Contributor Day who were working on different groups. Here are some of the progress from Contributor day according to the contributors’ tweets:

  • Core Team: Committed 4 patches and propped 10 different individuals on those commits.
  • Polyglots Team: 4 plugins translated and 2 new PTEs (Project Translation Editor Request).
  • CLI Team: Merged 46 pull-requests, as well as restructuring the handbook on the WordPress content side.
  • Meta team: Updated the Cookie Policy page, created a new ticket about unexpected redirects and worked on a WordCamp.org ticket.
  • Training Team: Several enhancements to the lesson plan “Setting Up E-Commerce” including a new slide presentation.
  • Marketing Team: Working on several guides to help the community in topics like podcasting and live streaming.
  • Hosting Team: Implemented a new contribution process and is working on a new Hosting Handbook.

These were only a few highlights from the day. There’s a whole kaleidoscope of new progresses from talented contributors. It was a successful contributor day and we hope everyone enjoyed to the fullest.  And those who were new to Contributor Day, we hope you learned something new and productive.

Conference Day One

Moving on to the second day of WCEU, it was Conference Day One and we saw amazing participation from around the world. People were so excited and the live chats were blowing up with happy faces. There were thousands and thousands of views on YouTube and the event was magnificently successful.

The Global Leads this year, Rocio Valdivia and Bernhard Kau welcomed everyone to WordCamp Europe 2020 Online and introduced us to the official mascot for WCEU – Okaeri Wapuu. After the opening remarks on Track One, the participants were then asked to join whichever track they wanted to join, either Track One or Track Two. Both of the tracks were filled with amazing presentations and inspiring speakers. The sessions went smooth and we had great talks, lightning talks, and also Q/A sessions.

One of the main highlights of WordCamp Europe 2020 Online was the conversation with Matt and Matias. The WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg was also live at WCEU where Matias Ventura joined the conversation. Both of them had an impressive talk on the upcoming WordPress 5.5 and Gutenberg Editor updates. We got to know that more than 45 million sites are running Gutenberg Editor. Wow! They also talked about WordPress and its threats, the position it holds in the current market, and more. Overall, the talk was very interesting, informative, and enthusiastic. We are sure this talk proved we are in hands of great leaders and how the platform reached where it stands today.

The closing remarks took place after the conversation between Matt and Matias. There were also short Q/A sessions after each talk (except for the lightning talks) and also you could join the speakers and other attendees in private zoom meetings for networking.

Conference Day Two

Day Two, the final WCEU2020 day also started with opening remarks. This day witnessed 18 talks; nine talk sessions in each Track. It was a long day filled with many technical and non-technical talk sessions including design talks, development, content, and more. Every talk was extraordinary and inspirational. The second conference day was also full of passionate WordPressers from around the globe and the networking rooms were buzzing all day.

The Closing Session took place at the end of the day, thanking all the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and participants. Apart from all this, there were also virtual Sponsor Booths and they were providing exciting offers for all the registered attendees.

While we were all enjoying WCEU 2020, a team from WCEU was busy crafting a huge WordCamp Europe 2020 Family Photo. Everyone who posted a selfie with #WCEU and #WCEUFamilyPhoto on Twitter were added on the huge collage. This was a very pleasant gift from the WCEU team.

WCEU Family Photo - WordCamp Europe 2020 Online
WCEU Family Photo

And lastly, it was announced that next year, WordCamp Europe 2021 is taking place in Porto, Portugal. The Global Leads of WCEU2021 are Lesley Molecke, Taeke Reijenga, Bernhard Kau, and Jose Ramon Padron. The organizers have already announced ‘Call for Organizers’ and ‘Ticket Sale’ for WordCamp Europe 2021! Let’s go!

WCEU 2021 Global Leads
WCEU 2021 Global Leads

WordCamp Europe 2020 Online concluded with a huge success. We were more than happy to be a part of such a wonderful event and that too directly from our homes. Once again, Thank You, WCEU team for making this possible. See you all next year in Porto!

And in case you missed the event for some reason, here are all the links you need. Enjoy!

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