Theme Review Team issues an Action Plan (Update)

Theme Review Action Plan

On 1st Jul 2016, the Theme Review Team at noted the need to made some reforms in the theme reviewing process. The action plan, aka the Theme Review Action Plan, considered various aspects of the process and proposed changes for improvement.

The Theme Review Team met again on the 12th of July to further discuss the plan. Ulrich Pogson, a key theme reviewer, writes, “We had a great discussion where we discussed the action plan and the timeline for it and looked at a few items that needed a decision for the theme check sniffs.”

The Theme Review Action Plan has been updated to include the following issues:

1. Structure 

Led by Tammie, it mentioned the need to update the handbook with posting guidelines and giving considerable authority to the key reviewers.

2. Future Project

Ulrich is leading this facet. The proposed changes include creating a new page for current, future and possible projects and enable comments in them for ideas.

3. Changing the Review Flow

Also led by Tammie, proposes some major changes. Previously, a ticket was reviewed and response time given for the reviewed ticket was 7 days. Now, a reviewer can be removed if there is no response within 24 hours.

4. Review Baseline

Reviewers are now allowed to close a ticket if a theme has more than 3 prefixing or security issues. This is also applied to the admin review queue. But the closed ticket can still be improved and re-sent for reviewing.

For more information on the updated Theme Review Action Plan, click here. You can read more on security and prefixing on the link here. Also, you can take this opportunity to carefully review your theme against theme requirements listed in the reference here. You can also read our previous article here.


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