WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020

WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020

WordPressers! We hope everyone is doing great and staying safe from the ongoing pandemic. Since most of us are home-quarantined at this time, the WordPress Kathmandu community is once again organizing an online local meetup for the month of June. WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020 is taking place on 28th June 2020. The meetup will begin from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. NPT.

WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020 is focusing on interacting with our Local WordPress Community Leads from Nepal. They will be talking about different WordPress communities, local groups, contributing, meetups, WordCamps, COVID-19 impacts, and more. So, in general, it is going to be quite informative if you are into growing your knowledge on WordPress communities and how they actually come together.

This meetup will be very interesting to attend as we will be seeing some of the familiar faces from the WordPress Nepal community. Moreover, this time, the panelists will also be taking questions from the audience. So, if you have any queries or want to network with our local community leads, this is your chance.

The panelists for WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020 are Yam Bahadur Chhetri (WordPress Community Deputy), Suvash Khadga (WordPress Community Nepal), Utsav Singh Rathour (WordPress Kathmandu), Nishal Gurung (WordPress Pokhara), Bikash Pun (WordPress Bhaktapur), and Madhav Dhungana (WordPress Butwal). The moderator for this meetup is Surendra Shrestha from WordPress Kathmandu community. These Local Community Leads from Nepal have been doing a great job keeping the local WP communities intact and buzzing with their phenomenal community works. Kudos to the team!

If you are interested in hearing these amazing community leads, we suggest you register yourself for the event. It will give you access to the link where you can attend this online meetup.

Register here!

A lot is happening around the globe and our health should be the major priority at a time like this. However, networking with our community can also be gratifying and it is great to see all the local WP communities coming forward to keep everything going by organizing online meetups to share their knowledge and experiences.

To know more about WordPress Kathmandu June Online Meetup 2020, head over to the official announcement post on Meetup. Or you can also join WP Nepal’s official Facebook group to stay updated on the latest happenings.


WordPress Meetups are casual meetups for basically anyone who uses, works, and wants to work with WordPress. The Nepali WordPress community organizes meetups in Nepal every month. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, examples, support & answers regarding WordPress.

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