WordCamp Europe 2020 Online Videos are now live on WordPress.tv

WordCamp Europe 2020 Online Videos are now Live on WordPress.tv

Did you miss any of the WordCamp Europe 2020 Online speaker’s session? Don’t worry! Now you can relive any session you want. The WordCamp Europe 2020 Online videos are now available on WordPress.tv to watch.

Watch WCEU2020 Videos on WordPress.tv

WCEU2020 Online was live-streamed and the whole event is already on YouTube. However, if you want to watch/rewatch any specific session, then you can find all the sessions on WordPress.tv separately. It is an easier way to find the exact sessions you want to watch.

WordCamp Europe 2020 Online concluded with huge success earlier this month. We saw a record-breaking number of attendees enjoying WCEU from around 140 countries.

The three days at WCEU 2020 Online were filled with interesting speaking sessions from amazing speakers. There was amazing participation from around the world. People were so excited and the live chats were blowing up with happy faces. There were thousands and thousands of views on YouTube and the event was magnificently successful.

One of the main highlights of WordCamp Europe 2020 Online was the conversation with Matt and Matias. The WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg was also live at WCEU where Matias Ventura joined the conversation. Both of them had an impressive talk on the upcoming WordPress 5.5 and Gutenberg Editor updates. We got to know that more than 45 million sites are running Gutenberg Editor. They also talked about WordPress and its threats, the position it holds in the current market, and more.

Overall, WCEU2020 Online was a huge success and the best part was anyone could join in for the event.

Now that the WordCamp Europe 2020 videos are out on WordPress.tv, you can re-watch a session you really enjoyed and see if you gain something new—chances are you will. Or, you can watch those sessions you missed the first time. Also, if you want to experience the whole WordCamp Europe 2020 Online event again, you can enjoy them on YouTube. Enjoy!

Moreover, if you couldn’t make it to WordCamp Europe 2020, be sure to check out what happened during the event. It’ll give you a taste of what you missed at the event.

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