WCKTM 2016 Stars: An Interview with Kanchha Kaji Prajapati

Kanchha Kaji Prajapati (aka creativekaji) is a Co-founder of eVision Themes and a passionate Front-end Developer. He is a versatile multi-tasker who switches to-and-fro graphic designing, creative web designing and front-end development with ease. We had a chance to catch a small talk with him at WordCamp Kathmandu 2016.

How and when did you get started with WordPress?

I started using WordPress in 2013. I started my career as a graphic artist specializing in logo design. After years of experience in varied designing works, I entered the field of WordPress Themes.

What do you like most about WordCamps?

For me, coordination and networking are the best things about WordCamps. Everyone gets to know each other and share their experience and knowledge. This is the main reason why I like attending WordCamps.

What do you hope attendees will take away from your workshop?

The main target of my workshop is to share some important information about trend of SASS for WordPress. I hope and believe that people will learn about it and follow the trend of SASS.

Are there any challenges you faced that you’d like to share with us?

I have not faced any challenges as of yet. I am very happy to work with WordPress. In fact, I am pretty excited and confident that I am going to do great in this field.

What are your thoughts on the WordPress community of Nepal?

I think the growth of our community has been unbelievable. All the developers and organizers are working really hard to bring more improvements to our community. We also have the opportunity to share our experiences with everyone. So, I am very happy with the progress of our community.

How have you been contributing to the community?

I have contributed my plugins in wordpress.org. I have also contributed a theme in WPNepal which is known as WPNepal Blog. It released just two weeks ago. I work actively as a founder and core contributor in Web Designers Nepal, which has been conducting knowledge sharing Sessions/ Meetups related to Web Designing of Web Designers Nepal. I look forward to contributing more to the community in the coming days.

What do you think about female participation in WordPress?

In comparison to male participants, I think it’s quite low. Even at our office, the percentage of female employees is far lesser than that of males. But I feel that female participation is equally important and should be a priority.

How do you stay updated on WordPress?

I stay updated on WordPress through my wordpress.org account. Additionally, I attend all the local meetups and programs related to WordPress. I have been attending WordCamps since 2013.

What can we find you doing when you’re not WordPressing?

During my free time, I enjoy traveling and listening to music.

What advice would you give to a new WordPress user?

WordPress is the best CMS platform available today. There is a wide scope and lots of opportunities in WordPress. There are high chances for you to build your career in top WordPress related companies in Nepal.  So, I would like to suggest a new WordPress user to at least give it a try.

WordPress 4.7 is releasing soon. Which feature are you most excited about?

I have heard that there are many new updates in WordPress 4.7 and I am excited about all the new updates. I am eagerly waiting for its release.

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