React with WordPress Series – Series 1

React with WordPress Series - Series 1

WordPressers! Are you willing to learn about implementing React in WordPress? Well now is your chance! React with WordPress Series is coming your way starting this Saturday, 25th July 2020. This is the first session of this series and it will begin from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.

This whole series will cover everything about implementing React in WordPress. Whereas, in this particular workshop, you will learn about creating a simple plugin and implementing react on it using components, data module, hooks (like PHP WordPress hooks), and more.

The instructor for this workshop is going to be Mr. Rakesh Lawaju. He is a Web developer, trainer, and recently an entrepreneur based in Nepal who has been working in this field since the year 2008. Rakesh is Co-Founder/ CTO of WEN Solutions, a company primarily develops WordPress plugins and gives WordPress related support. He is also a project lead for WP Travel, a WordPress trip, and a travel management plugin.

React with WordPress Series – Series 1 will cover the following topics:

  • Getting started with React on WordPress plugin
  • Plug-in setup
  • Setup config files for react & Sass
  • Basic ES6 concept
  • WordPress React components
  • WordPress data module
  • Using Hooks
  • Using API & Ajax
  • Useful NPM packages

This workshop will not cover beginners’ topics like what React, Webpack, Redux, or Gutenberg Blocks are. It will be focusing directly on implementing React in WordPress with the target audience being developers. Therefore, we suggest you attend this workshop and continue with the whole series if you are familiar with React and other components mentioned above.

You need to register yourself for the workshop to participate this Saturday.


React with WordPress Series is something new conducted by our WordPress Nepal community and it surely is going to be interesting and beneficial for all who’re willing to learn about React with WordPress.

Get more details about this online event here.

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