Jetpack 5.8 Focuses on Speed with Faster Search and Lazy Loading Images

Jetpack 5.8 – the new version of Jetpack was released on February 6, 2018, and brought some exciting features, bug fixes, and other enhancements along with it.

This time, the update has introduced several features that have graduated from beta testing. Jetpack 5.8 includes a new search service, lazy loading images, Premium plan changes, and other additional enhancements.

Now, let’s have a quick look at all these improvements in Jetpack 5.8.

Jetpack 5.8 has introduced a new search service and all Professional plan customers of Jetpack will now be able to use the feature. The new service has replaced the default WordPress search functionality with an Elasticsearch-powered service. This update has delivered more relevant results with powerful filtering options and unmatched scalability for sites with large amount of content. You will see substantial improvements to both the speed of searching through the site, and the relevance of the results returned if your website has a large number of posts or pages.


The new update comes with lazy loading images. Websites—such as photo blogs, travel blogs, online websites—including a large number of images can try out the new feature that will significantly speed things up and lower their bounce rates. The added feature of lazy loading images will reduce page load times for your users.

Jetpack 5.8 also has brought changes in the Jetpack Premium plan. Previously, there were a few minor differences in the security offerings between the Premium and Professional plans. However, Premium customers now have access to on-demand security scanning and automated threat resolution.

The Jetpack developers have also lifted the 13GB restriction on video uploads for the plan, so the Premium customers can now get unlimited uploading and streaming services as well.


The team has also made all of Jetpack’s SEO tools available to Premium customers. You can preview and optimize your website content, or get in-depth stats with Jetpack’s seamless Google Analytics integration.

Below are the few other notable changes that were introduced in Jetpack 5.8:

  • Significantly reduced CSS and JavaScript assets that Jetpack requires when using features like infinite scroll and embedding rich content with shortcodes. The payload has been reduced by 500kb.
  • Support has been added for site language and timezone settings
  • Improved the display of noticesinside the Jetpack dashboard
  • The GettyImages shortcode has been updatedto use the new format required by GettyImages
  • Enabled the ads in the header by default for Premium and Professional customers using the ad program
  • Added filters to control the display of the ads via code
  • Improved the display of the Development Modenotice

Not only these, there were other enhancements to Jetpack 5.8 as well. Check out the full changelog to know more about the full list of updates and changes in the updated version. The update surely will help you speed up your site and deliver faster, more relevant content to your visitors.

You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.


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