Jetpack Updates: Jetpack 7.0.1 Security and Maintenance Release

Jetpack 7.0.1 Released

The new version of Jetpack, Jetpack 7.0.1 has been released and now is available for download. The update is known to be a security and maintenance release, which was shipped out yesterday on 14th February 2019.

Jetpack 7.0.1 has addressed a security issue reported to the team via HackerOne. It has also updated the Publicize feature in anticipation of changes to the LinkedIn API in the future, introduced changes to the search security, and more.

The Jetpack team has always looked forward to providing the users with its best security option. Jetpack 7.0.1 has fixed a vulnerability that impacted administrators using the Debug Bar plugin on their site alongside Jetpack’s Search feature.

As mentioned earlier, it has included an update to the Publicize feature in anticipation of some changes in LinkedIn API on March 1st. If you currently use the Publicize feature to link your site to your LinkedIn account, you will need to head over to this page and reconnect your site to your LinkedIn account.

Check out the full changelog to know more about the updates in Jetpack 7.0.1.

You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.

We recommend you to update your Jetpack to the latest version right away to avoid the fatal errors and changes.


Reference: Jetpack


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