Meetup Tracker – A New Tool for Community Deputies

Meetup Tracker – A New Tool for Community Deputies

The WordPress community team introduced a new tool called Meetup Tracker yesterday. The tool replaces the Meetup Status Document. The Meetup Tracker tool will be used by the Global Community Team to track all current groups.

A new application form—Meetup Organizer Application—is available for organizers who want to join the WordPress Meetup Chapter Program. Groups that are part of the program have their fees paid for by the WordPress Community Support PBC.

The new tool, Meetup Tracker is hosted on the dashboard of and if you’re an active Community Deputy, you should have received the access to it already.

The community team will be awarding badges to meetup organizers which will be displayed on their user profiles. However, the meetup organizer’s badge design has yet to be determined.

WordPress Contribution Badges. Credit: WP Tavern
WordPress Contribution Badges. Credit: WP Tavern

In order to assign the badges and to fill out the system correctly, the WordPress community needs the usernames of all WordPress meetup group organizers. You can drop your information in this Google Document.

  • username for the main contact
  • usernames of all organizers
  • Whether or not the contact’s email address is still valid

Without the complete information, the WordPress community team won’t be able to assign badges, and it will be harder to keep in contact with organizers using the new tool, Meetup Tracker.

So, if you’re also a meetup organizer and want your badge displayed on your user profile, make sure you leave your complete information on the Google Document.


Source: WordPress blog, WP Tavern

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