A New Activity Feature by WordPress.com and Jetpack Team

WordPress.com and Jetpack team launched a new Activity feature yesterday, on October 30, 2018. The new Activity feature is a tool that monitors changes that occur on the website and all the admin activities. For websites with Jetpack installed and activated, you can view the activity log either on WordPress.com or on the WordPress mobile apps.

The newly launched Activity feature is available on all Jetpack and WordPress.com websites with details on:
  • Published or updated posts and pages
  • Comment submission and management activity
  • Settings and options modifications
  • Login attempts by registered site users
  • Plugin installations, updates, and removals
  • Theme switches, installations, updates, and deletions
  • See the complete list of activities for WordPress.com and Jetpack sites

The new Activity feature’s access is based on the type of plan you’ve chosen for your website. If your site uses the Free plan, you will find 20 most recent activities that took place on your website on the new Activity log.

Likewise, On WordPress.com or Jetpack sites with a paid plan, you’ll find activities and changes from the last 30 days. And if you have the Business or Professional plan respectively, you’ll see activities from the last year. The ability to filter activities by type and time range is also restricted to paid users only.

The new Activity log feature can also be useful for debugging client websites to track down sources of unknown issues that changed their website. With Activity, you have access to all the details in one place, therefore, you can also update your themes and plugins directly from the Activity log.

For all the Jetpack-enabled websites, Activity feature is available to you by default. It is not a module, so you cannot turn it on or off. This data is sent to WordPress.com even if you don’t use this new feature.

Check out the new Activity feature’s official announcement posts on WordPress.com and Jetpack.

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