Tentative Release Calendar for Major WordPress Releases | 2020-2021

Tentative Release Calendar for major WordPress releases

Need dates for the upcoming Major WordPress Releases in 2020 and 2021? Tentative Release Calendar is here for you!

Most WordPressers are always more concerned when it comes to major WordPress releases. So, to somewhat reduce the curiosity among the fellow WordPressers, Francesca Marano from the Global WordPress Community Team team has introduced a Tentative Release Calendar. The tentative calendar includes all the predicted dates for the major WordPress releases from 2020 to 2021.

This Release Calendar includes all the release dates from WordPress 5.4 to 6.0. Here’s what it looks like:

Major Version Potential Release Date
5.4 2020/03/31
5.5 2020/08/11
5.6 2020/12/08
5.7 2021/03/09
5.8 2021/06/08
5.9 2021/09/14
6.0 0221/12/07

Francesca has explained in detail as to why it’s called “Tentative”. She has given the below reasons:

  • The exact dates will be confirmed only when the release cycle kicks off
  • Uncertain about the major changes in technology, especially from third parties.
  • There is also another sentiment going around the WordPress community that the project can handle more frequent releases, so there might be some changes in the way things are done.

Tentative Release Calendar, introduced by Francisco is receiving so much love and support from fellow WordPressers and it is great to see so many positive mind-likes.

Now that the tentative dates are up for major WordPress releases, people can move forward with their work planning and get ready for major updates.

Cheers Tentative Release Calendar!

See the official release post here.

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