WordCamp Asia 2020 Proposed

WordCamp Asia 2020 Proposed

A proposal for WordCamp Asia 2020 was published in the core channel on 29th March 2019. The proposal mentioned Bangkok, Thailand to be the host city for a 2-3 day WordCamp Asia 2020.

The Community Summit in Philadelphia in 2015 witnessed an informal discussion on WordCamp Asia. Since then, WordCamp Asia has been in the talks. The organizers were looking forward to bringing everyone together for the WordCamp. They had a major meeting in WordCamp Europe (Paris) with the concerned parties to talk about WordCamp Asia 2020. The lead organizers of WordCamp Europe are mentoring the WordCamp Asia organizers.

The organizers are planning for February or March, avoiding the clash with other regional WordCamps like WordCamp US and Europe.

According to Jon Ang’s post, “WordCamps in Asia have reached a critical mass that will enable a successful regional WordCamp. We believe that running this WordCamp will contribute directly to long term efforts in fostering WordPress interest in countries that lack it.”

Its affordable location, ease of obtaining a visa on arrival for attendees from many Asian countries and the availability of inexpensive flights to most major cities in Asia are the reasons why Bangkok is a perfect pick for WordCamp Asia.

If you also want to provide some feedback or help organize WordCamp Asia 2020, head over to the #slackchannel.

Get more details on the proposal here.


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