WordCamp Asia 2023 – Call For Contributor’s Stories

WordCamp Asia 2023 - Call For Contributor’s Stories

WordCamp Asia is the first Asian flagship WordCamp dedicated to Contributors and WordPress Communities who contribute to WordPress. The WordPress mission and community simultaneously make the world smaller and more prominent.

Many people have their first contributor experience at a WordCamp. because of the collaboration. Contributing events helps to gather people where you will get an opportunity to share and learn different things. So, your contribution stories can be helpful to encourage the new contributors to participate.

Contributors are an essential part of WordCamps. So, it is very important to encourage more people to take part in the event.

WordCamp Asia 2023 team is planning to feature some stories of seasoned contributors who enjoyed their experience at contributing events. For that they will select some exciting and collective levels. It will feature voices from worldwide contributors sharing their experiences with the WordPress community and published contributors’ stories on our WordCamp Asia Blog Post.

If you have any stories to share then see the following points:

Can I submit my stories in all the formats? (Text, Audio, and Video)

Yes, we accept all forms, and you can also submit them in any format that makes you feel more confident.

What are the audio or video file limits?

Your audio or video file should not be more than 10 minutes.

Which language should I use?

We will need the stories to be in English so organizers reviewing submissions can evaluate them equally.

What is our submission deadline and process?

The Call for Contributor’s Stories will be open until October 26, 2022, so please make sure that you send in your submission in time.

Do I need to share my photo?

Yes, it would help us and everyone visiting our blog to know your stories and your contribution to WordPress Communities.

What if I need to edit my stories?

We are using Google Forms to accept your stories. You will receive a copy of your submission with the edit link to it via email. Please ensure that the email you use is a valid email address.

Share your stories

If you want to take part then please send your contributing story in no more than 250 words with text, audio or visual records (in 1-10 minutes) on any social media handles you would like to include WordCamp Asia 2023.

The Call For Contributor’s Stories deadline is October 26, 2022 where you will get a chance to be featured on the WordCamp Asia 2023 blog and social media channels.

Submit your stories here.


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