WordCamp Asia 2023 – Sponsor Update : Closing date, selection, and more

WordCamp Asia 2023 - Sponsor Update

One of the largest WordPress events in the most populous continent on Earth, WordCamp Asia 2023 is happening on the month of February 17-19 in TRUE ICON HALL in Bangkok, Thailand, next year.  And, now they have come up with the sponsor update of WordCamp Asia 2023.

The team really like to thank you all for your interest in supporting WordCamp Asia! People were supporting WCASIA2023 within a month since posting the Call for Sponsors where there are now too many sponsors for too few sponsorship spots.

WCASIA also made sure that the local and regional (Asia) organizations have the chance to pick up spots alongside global companies.

These are some of the sponsors selection priority steps:

Selection Priority

  • Diversity: We want a mix of sponsors to come from as different backgrounds and offerings as possible.
  • Sponsors that have kept money with us to help deal with cancellation costs in 2020 will have preference.
  • Sponsors that are regionally (Asia) grown will have preference.
  • In the case that we are forced to choose between 2 sponsors for the same spot and they are equal in all aspects (inclusive of our preference for diversity), we will pick the sponsor that applies first.

If you have an interest then we recommend you to apply and the team will only confirm the positions when contracts have been signed.

Notable Dates

  • Sponsorship applications close on 31 August 2022
  • Successful sponsors to be notified (and contracted) between 1 September to 30 September 2022

WordCamp Asia 2023 has some minor updates that might be useful. They are:

  • The team will not provide any booth design, tables, chairs, or generally any equipment.
  • We will have a list of vendors you can contact to design and set up your booth. This recommended vendor list will be shared closer to the event.
  • Booth costs are directly paid to the vendors and are not inclusive of your sponsorship payment to WordCamp Central.
  • We will create a sponsor manual that answers all of your questions (like the one we made in 2020)

Want to know about the sponsor updates in detail, then visit the official page of WCASIA2023.

For more information and news about WCASIA2023 keep checking in to DevotePress. We will keep you up-to-date with all the details in upcoming days.

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