WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 2 Now Available for Testing!

WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 2

WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available for testing!

To test WordPress 5.0, you can use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or you can download WordPress 5.0 release candidate 2 here (zip).

A release candidate (RC) means that the core development team is almost ready with WordPress 5.0. But, with millions of users and thousands of plugins and themes, they’re fully conscious of the possibility that something might have been missed.

A final release date will be announced soon, based on the feedback on this RC. So, the core development team is requesting all the WordPress users to test the platform for any bugs and notify the authors, if any occur.

The team made a handful of changes (15 to be exact) since the release of RC1 on the 23rd of November. The notable changes include improvements to block preview styling, browser-specific bug fixes, and more. This update coincides with the new version of Gutenberg editor plugin v.4.6.

Here are the two significant changes:

  • Stopped rendering AdminNotices compatibility component, as this previous attempt at backward compatibility was bringing in numerous incompatible banners and notices from plugins.
  • An update to the parser to better deal with malformed HTML that could cause a loop. The development team were only aware of this in the wild being triggered once in the over a million posts made with Gutenberg, but it caused a loop so they fixed it in RC2.

Other remaining changes in WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 2 are:

  • Accessibility: Simplify sidebar tabs aria-labels.
  • Make the Image Link URL field readonly.
  • Internationalization: Merge similar text strings that differed only in capitalization.
  • CSS: Improve block preview styling.
  • CSS: Fix visual issues with Button block text wrap.
  • Fix getSelectedBlockClientId selector.
  • Fix Classic block not showing galleries on a grid.
  • Fix an issue where the block toolbar would cause an image to jump downwards when the wide or full alignments were activated.
  • Move editor specific styles from style.scss to editor.scss in Cover block.
  • Fix modals in Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Fix Microsoft IE11 focus loss after TinyMCE init. Add IE check.
  • Fix Microsoft IE11 input when mounting TinyMCE.
  • Change @package names to WordPress.

If you find any bug or issue, you can report them to the Alpha/Beta support forum. This will help the development team to ship WordPress 5.0. If any known issues come up, you’ll be able to find them here.

Developers have been asked to test their plugins and themes against WordPress 5.0 and update their plugin’s Tested up to the version in the readme to 5.0. If you find compatibility problems please be sure to post to the support forums so the team can figure those out before the final release of WordPress 5.0. An in-depth field guide to developer-focused changes is coming soon on the core development blog. In the meantime, you can review the developer notes for 5.0.



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