WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018 is this Saturday!

WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018

Greetings WordPressers! ‘Tis time for the monthly local WordPress meetup in Chitwan, one of the largest cities of Nepal. The WordPress Chitwan community is organizing WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018 this Saturday, May 12th, at ISMT College, Bharatpur, Chitwan. The meetup will be kicking off sharp at 10 A.M.

Speakers for WordPress May Meetup 2018
Speakers for WordPress May Meetup 2018

This time, there will be six different WordPress personas presenting on their respective topics at WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018. The speakers for this meetup are Prashant Adhikari, Bikash Pun, Sushil Subedi, Sushant Adhikari, Arun Kumar, and Sandesh Poudel. They will be talking on WordPress Introduction, WordPress Community, WordPress Installation, Career in WordPress, Themes and Plugins, and SEO in WordPress, respectively. They’re all going to talk on six different topics, however, you might notice that all of their topics revolve around the whole basics of the WordPress platform and community. Therefore, you can assume the meetup is going to be on WordPress basics.

WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018 is a great opportunity to connect with various like-minded people having new ideas.  This will also help in the growth of WordPress community in Chitwan. Also, it’s an amazing place to share your views, opinions, ideas among the mass in the community.

If you want to know what WordPress is, or curious about how it works, we suggest you attend this meetup. The entry to this meetup is completely free and open to all. However, you will still have to register online for the meetup. As usual, you will get to know each other more personally during the networking sessions as well.

Meetup Summary:

WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018 

Date: May 12, 2018

Time: 10 A.M. Onwards

Location:  ISMT College, Bharatpur, Chitwan

Speakers with Respective Meetup Topics:

1. Prashant Adhikari | WordPress Introduction
2. Bikash Pun | WordPress Community
3. Sushil Subedi | WordPress Installation
4. Sushant Adhikari | Career in WordPress
5. Arun Kumar | Themes and Plugins
6. Sandesh Poudel | SEO in WordPress

Entry Fee: FREE!!


To know more about WordPress Chitwan May Meetup 2018, you can head over to the WordPress Chitwan’s official Facebook group or official Facebook page.

WordPress Meetups are casual meetups for basically anyone who uses, works and wants to work with WordPress. The Nepali WordPress community organizes meetups in Nepal on a monthly basis. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, examples, support & answers regarding WordPress. 

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