WordPress Nepali Translation Day: Let’s Translate!

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On February 4th, 2017, the WordPress community of Nepal is organizing a ‘WordPress Nepali Translation Day’.

WordPress is dominating the worldwide web, currently powering more than 27% of the web. What started out as just a simple blogging platform in 2005, 17 years down the lane, it is the most popular online publishing platform. Its intuitive design and an ever-expanding list of features make it even more flexible, and the perfect choice for a range of websites. Hence, it’s natural that its appeal will move far beyond its original borders.

Two-thirds of the WordPress users live outside the US. That’s a lot of people who probably speak English as a second language or who might not speak English at all. Unsurprisingly people would like to have WordPress in the language they use. No wonder “How To Translate a WordPress Theme” is one of the most highly requested topics in the support forums. Currently, WordPress has been fully translated into more than 50 languages, partially translated into more than 70 and currently has 164 locales. And these numbers continue to grow thanks to the awesome WordPress community.

The number of WordPress users in Nepal is also surging and it is only natural for those users to want WordPress in Nepali. Back in July of 2016, during that month’s WordPress meetupNilambar Sharma noted that, in 2014, WordPress had been translated 100% in Nepali. But as new version releases of WordPress came out, the numbers of contributors to translation also saw a gradual decrease. He emphasized that translating WordPress in Nepal will generate a feeling of “ours” and will extend the reach of WordPress to more Nepali markets and users, opening many doors of opportunities.

As of today, about 84% of WordPress has been translated in Nepali and WordPress Nepali Translation Day, basically, focuses on translating remaining strings of the WordPress.The event will be held at WEN Themes (Acclaim Technology), Jawalakhel, from 11 am to 4 pm. WordPressers who wish to partake at the event must be fluent in Nepali and also be knowledgeable about WordPress. Participants must bring their own laptop.

Click here to register for WordPress Nepali Translation Day. You check the official Facebook event page for more information.

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